Candles and Cake Toppers

Candles & Cake Toppers in Pune

Candles light up our lives, literally. They bring a lot of joy every time they are used. A burning candle provides feelings of warmth and happiness. This is even more true when the candles are used on cakes for the person being celebrated. They have versatile uses. The candles don’t need to be used only during a birthday celebration. It can be used for anniversaries, get-togethers, engagements, valentine’s day among many other days.

With Just Cakes, you can buy candles online in Pune very easily. There are also many types of candles to choose from. These candles from Just Cakes will definitely make the celebration a bit more special. Let us take a look at the types of candles in store:

  1. Heart-Shaped Candles (3 Nos)
  2. Champagne Shaped Candles Packet (6 Nos)
  3. Magic Candles
  4. Single Glass Candle

Cake Toppers in Pune

Apart from candles, with Just Cakes, our customers can also buy cake toppers online in Pune. Some of the cake toppers in our catalogue include “Happy Birthday”, “happy anniversary” and “Mr and Mrs” cake toppers.

The Happy Birthday cake toppers are more special than regular cake toppers because they are big and shiny. They add an aesthetic feel to the birthday celebrations and will delight the person who is being celebrated.

The Happy Anniversary cake toppers in Pune come in three types. One is a standard Happy Anniversary cake topper that adds an aesthetic appeal just like the Happy Birthday Cake Topper. The others are even more special since it is a depiction of a man on a knee proposing to his partner. It indeed reminds a couple of happy memories when he proposed to the girl and she said yes! The third Happy Anniversary Cake Topper is the same as a silhouette. With a candle as a backdrop, it will be a very magical affair.

The next cake topper is the “Mr and Mrs” topper which is for newly married couples being celebrated. Adding this to the cake will definitely make the new couple very happy.

Other products which can enhance the party atmosphere are snow spray where everyone can take turns in spraying the people being celebrated. With Just Cakes, you can also buy a small birthday bomb in Pune. When it bursts it releases a lot of colourful surprises which adds a touch of elegance to the celebrations. So, what are you waiting for? Visit our catalogue and buy your favourite candles and cake toppers in Pune now. 

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