Resorts Near Pune for Couples

Paradise Resort

Paradise resort near Pune for Couples

The Paradise resort in Panshet near Pune is a true paradise in its own right. Featuring a huge pool, this resort has four different styles of rooms to choose from. It is considered to be one of the best resorts near Pune for couples who are on a budget, yet wish to have a great time together. 

The food here is cooked traditionally over coal and wood which gives it the authentic taste we all look for. However, food is not limited only to the Maharashtrian cuisine, they do serve continental cuisines as well. One of the most recommended things to do here is booking a log cabin or a Kerala-style heritage room and enjoying a BBQ party with your loved one.

Sentosa Resort

Sentosa resort

Sentosa resort is one of the unique resorts hidden far away from the public eye. Although couples might want to stay here, it is usually considered as a one-day picnic resort near Pune for couples. Couples which love games and water parks will be able to indulge in both at the same time in this resort. How? By experiencing the delightful water rides, slides, dancing in the rain while enjoying the music, and even more.

The resort has 50 gorgeous rooms for guests to choose from and the food is great at the restaurant called Ravet too. After the games, if you only feel for some light munchies, then do not worry since that request will be catered to as well. 

The listed resorts near Pune promise the experiences a couple looks for. They have executive suites, honeymoon suites, a pool, a refreshing menu and a bar. They make awesome weekend getaways or party spots. You can easily take two days off from the commotion of the city and visit these resorts. And if you have anniversaries and birthdays coming up, this could be the best place to celebrate. Pack some snacks, order cake online in Pune and get grooving. For the best adventure, invite some of your friends and make it a holiday trip. 

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