One Day Trip Near Pune With Family

Our families are the most important people for us in our lives. Between our work schedules, we often forget to give our families time. Despite our busy schedules, we should do something nice for our families which will keep the love alive. When you plan a one-day trip near Pune with family, they will appreciate the fact that you have taken out time for them. Besides, it will even be rejuvenating for you to explore a new destination and have a change of scenery.



Adventure seekers love visiting this hill station as it offers adventure sports and also a very scenic view in all directions.  If you are your family love adventure trips, we would highly suggest visiting this hill station for a one-day trip near Pune with your family.

Kamshet is known worldwide for its paragliding spots. Many people from the community come here with their gliders to fly above the hilly and majestic lush green terrains. There are other activities such as educating the kids about farming or swimming with them in the natural pools. Seek blessings of the divine by visiting temples and learning some history when you visit the fortresses. If you fancy camping, bring along your tent and visit the Bedse caves as well. 



When one thinks of Kolad, the first thing that comes to their mind is fast, gushing rivers. That’s right, Kolad is one of the premium spots near Pune for thrill-seekers who wish to indulge in the sport of river rafting in the white waters. 

Nothing to worry about! It is a perfectly safe family activity and every precaution is taken to make sure you are absolutely safe. It is a very scenic area to visit and rowing in a boat through the thick, lush mangroves makes for quite a wonderful sight.

The best time to visit Kolad is around August and September when the rivers are filled after the monsoons. 

Maval Takve Lake

This charming locale has a stunning and energized atmosphere owing to the vast amount of life and biodiversity near the lake. You will find it very refreshing to visit this place with your family and pause the mundane life for a bit.

It is easy on the pocket as well so you do not have to stress about the finances when participating in the many activities available for you here. The air is clean and soothing too, which is exactly what you need to refresh your soul.

There are various activities here where you and the family can participate together such as net climbing, Commando walking, and tire crossing, among others. If it gets too hot, you can swim in the pristine lake and take it easy. Staying overnight here is an option too. Either you can bring your own tent, or rent various types of tents from the rugged to the Swiss tent. 

Adlabs Imagica

Adlabs Imagica

Adlabs Imagica is the only theme park in India designed up to international standards. At once, the park can host up to 15,000 people. There is plenty of children, family, and adults-only rides to choose from; there is something for everyone. 

Occasionally, at different times of the day, the theme park hosts carnivals where children can interact with their favourite cartoon characters and have a lot of fun. It is easily possible to spend a whole day here. Not only is it the best spot for a one-day trip near Pune with family, but it is also popular among other people in the country too. 

Bhaja Caves

Bhaja Caves

Invoke curiosity in your children and family by learning some ancient history with them. You can do this by visiting the Bhaja caves which are among the oldest caves located in Lonavala near Pune. The exact location for the caves is 400m above the Bhaja village. It is estimated that these caves were created more than 2000 years ago by Buddhists. 

Despite the marvellous architecture, it is quite an unknown destination as people usually end up flocking to Ajanta and Ellora. We advise carrying an ample amount of snacks and water as it can get hot and tiring while walking up the steep steps. However, you can take many breaks along the way and get some shade! 

The caves are open from 8 am-6 pm every day. During the monsoons, the waterfalls create a pool and it is possible to take a dip in the cool, refreshing waters. Hence, without a doubt, that is the best time to visit the Bhaja caves on a one-day trip near Pune with family.

There are plenty of spots and places to visit near Pune that can be completed in one day. You can visit caves, and waterfalls, go paragliding, or go hot air balloon riding. Or you can go river rafting and enjoy some trekking up the hills. If your family and kids are demanding a vacation and you cannot take time off your busy schedule, these one-day trips can be ideal for a small getaway. You can also go exploring the street foods of Pune, like vada pao, poha, and misal pao, or just sit back and order cake online in Pune from the comfort of your hotel room. 

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