Favorite Eat-Outs in Pune

Pune is emerging as an ultimate food destination for all the food lovers and food addicts out there. We are sure the magnitude of culinary delights in Pune will bowl you over. From authentic Maharashtrian and Pan Asian to sweet baked delights, Pune is a melting pot for good food. Here, you will find legendary food joints like Dorabjee as well as hip, new hotspots such as La Plaisir. If you want to discover the best places to eat in Pune, this is the list you should be following! Bon appétit!

Dorabjee & Sons Restaurant, Pune

Serves: Parsi; Meal for two: 450

A legendary eatery in Pune Dorabjee & Sons has been around since 1878. Serving the best Parsi food in Pune. You’ll find sumptuous dishes including the veg dhansak, fried chicken, mutton biryani and delicious fruit custard on their menu. If you happen to go on a Sunday then you will be treated with mutton dhansak with brown rice, chiken dhansak with brown rice, succulent mutton shami kebab and delicious patra fish. Dorabjee & sons is undoubtedly a haven for foodies and is hence a must visit when in Pune

Kayani Bakery, Pune

Serves: Continental and Indian Desserts; Meal for two: 100 (approx.)

The iconic Kayani Bakery in Pune is renowned for its yummy Shrewsbury biscuits full of buttery goodness, zesty ginger biscuits and mawa specialties. Packed in familiar, square, patterned, cardboard boxes they are sold out in a few minutes everyday. People fight over them, there are near stampedes in the anxiety to get hold of at least one of those precious boxes. If you pass by at that critical time when the batch comes out of the oven you will wonder what event has occurred to create such excitement.

Bedekar Tea Stall, Pune

Serves: Street Food; Meal for two: 100 (approx.)

Bedekar Tea Stall at Narayan Peth is a typical Puneri place and often crowded by Punekars! This place serves the, what we call as “Puneri” style misal. Take a bite out of this fiery Maharashtrian staple with an extra spicy curry served with – surprise – bread and not pav. You could go poetic about its effect on the ones consuming this divine misal. Very much like falling in love, a bite into it and I feel a flush of excitement, increased heartbeat and dilation of the pupils. This all sums up to one thing that Bedekar missal is a must have when in Pune.

Le Plaisir, Pune

Serves: European; Meal for two: 600

Coming to European delights one of the best cafés in Pune, Le Plaisir is a hidden gem among food joints in the city. Located at Deccan Gymkhana is worth checking out for its divine French toast, fig and buffalo mozzarella and meatloaf sandwich.

Kalyan Bhel, Pune

Serves: Street Food; Meal for two: 200 (approx.)

Thinking of heading to one of the many vegetarian restaurants in Pune that serves the best bhel in the city? Then you should head to Kalyan Bhel. What started out as a humble cart has now grown to several branches! Kalyan Bhel, Pune has been dishing out the best sev puri, bhel puri and dahi batata puri for years.

Vaishali, Pune

Serves: South Indian; Meal for two 300 (approx.)

Vaishali is basic food joint standing in welcome contrast to the expensive hotel restaurants in the city. The humble traditional South Indian eatery is no less loved than the more sophisticated options, and is in fact a particular favourite with the thriving student community. Also popular with locals, expats and tourists, Vaishali delights with the very best dosas, idlis and uttapams cooked by the experienced staff.

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