Do you believe in luck factor in getting the job?

Let me be very clear first, it’s all about your experience in life. Some people will agree or disagree, I respect each one’s opinion. With due respect, I am putting my thoughts as I took experiences in my life. You can write about your experiences in the comments section.

My answer is, yes! I believe in the luck factor in getting a job.

But at the same time, I can’t deny the fact that knowledge is the most important factor in getting the job. I laugh at myself when I remember my first interview in a multinational company. I exactly don’t remember the questions and answers I gave, but definitely, I was not the right candidate for the profile for which I got shortlisted. Why interviewer hired me that’s unpredictable but yeah, I got selected. The work was not that good which I used to do there. But yes it paid me for my bread and butter. Today I am talking to you it’s because of that opportunity.

When I talk with my colleagues and friends about their opinion, they tend to have the same point of view. There are only a few people who like what they do and they love to do. Others are doing because they have to do regardless of their likes and interests. It may be because of monotonous work we do or maybe we need a change after every 3-4 years I don’t know. I heartily congratulate to those lucky guys who like their job!

I have seen people with great experience and knowledge, got rejected. I am okay with the rejection but the fact is, the selected person was trained by a rejected guy. Now what you call this? I agree you will give me a huge list of reasons like communication, confidence, personality, gestures and many more. I fully agree that these aspects will be considered in an interview for sure. But what about the knowledge then?

I know, it’s a debatable topic as each one of you has different experiences and thoughts. I put my thoughts that I had learned from many people. My bench partner always used to score high in education. Today he is earning good but he deserves better. Your decisions, adaptability to technology and change is also matters to your career. But your luck also will be there to decide who you become.

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