Celebrate Friendship Day with Just Cakes

When is friendship day? Wait, what? It’s on this Sunday? So you are telling me that Friendship Day, 2016, is on this Sunday? We are sure this must be the type of reaction that most of you out there who are busy in their life will give. Yes, Friendship day is celebrated in India on the 1st Sunday of August, which is August 7 this year.
Friendship day is just round the corner and you have not yet decided on the plan of action for the day. As the date of friendship day comes closer we all tend to plan our day out or in as you prefer with your Besties. And why not this is the perfect occasion to let your friends know how much they are needed and loved. But if you are out of ideas to celebrate friendship day or just does not know how to celebrate friendship day then worry not we have here to save you. We all love surprises and this is your time to surprise your friend. So here are some amazing Friendship day Celebration ideas that can come to your resort.

Ideas to Celebrate Friendship Day

    • A simple yet heart touching idea to celebrate Friendship Day would be idea would be to write a nice card for your friend telling them how much you appreciate their friendship. Please be open in your expression and spill out your heart to them!
    • To touch your friend’s heart who is miles away from you can be giving them a small present such sending a yummy friendship day cake along with her favorite Teddy and Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Bouquet. Sounds like a great Friendship Day idea ain’t it? If you wish to send her all the above goodies then Click Here
    • If your friends go weak in knee after listening to the word Chocolates then give them a packet full of special chocolates for friendship day.
    • Plan a sleepover party. You must remember to invite all your friends. To make the party more interesting you can hire movie CD. Make sure that you have a large stock of junk food like chips, wafers, popcorns and soft drinks. You can have a noisy overnight party with lots of mad music and crazy dance. Do not forget to end the party by cutting a tempting cake with most memorable photo of your friendship printed on it. You can now order a cake with a memorable photo of you and your friends at Just Cakes Pune
    • Camp out can be your chance to check out on your favorite sets of outdoor sports-trekking, beach volleyball, basketball, baseball, rugby, swimming, surfing and more in the company of your best pals. Just choose a sport which your group enjoys and take a dive into a zesty, action-packed Friendship Day celebration!
    • A great way to celebrate Friendship Day in a memorable way would be make an album of your most intimate and special moments spent together. This can also be the most touching Friendship Day activity for you and your friend as it will help you to rewind and relive your time-tested bonding.
    • A great idea to celebrate friendship in a creative manner would be to create a poster on Friendship Day. For instance you may paint your name and your friend’s name on it creatively and revel in the joy when your friend flashes that million-dollar smile.

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With all these activities of Friendship day at your bay, don’t you think you can celebrate a really wonderful friendship day? Come what may do not forget to order a Printed/Customized Friendship Day Cake from Just Cakes Pune and cut it with your best friends.

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