Camp Area in Pune Havens for Food Lovers!

Ramadan, the ninth month in the Islamic calendar. During the whole month, observers of Islam fast from dawn to dusk. As the sun sets the aroma of Biryani, the smoke rising from the tandoor, kebabs sizzling on hot charcoal fill the air along the streets of Azam Campus.

Just passing through these streets makes us salivate and then realize it’s time for iftaar where feasting is followed rigorous fast and the contrast at the buffet parties couldn’t be starker.

Azam Campus is one of Pune’s most popular and populated areas during Ramadan iftaars. The area starts buzzing with activity right from 4pm. At Shalimar’s is a catering service business run by a group of friends for the past 17 years, incidentally one of the biggest iftar stalls with maximum crowd. Claiming to specialise in Mughlai the stall has quite a range in it. Priced from Rs 8 to Rs 200, the stall had nearly 100 different food varieties to.

Agra Kabab Corner a 23 year old business is on the other side of the gate across Shalimar’s. The stalls offers 50 dishes available for Iftar. Their Tandoori items are quite famous, at a price of Rs.300 for a full chicken. We recommend the Chicken Kadai at Rs.300, Bakri Kadai at Rs.900 per kg and the special item on the menu is a winged bird – the famed ‘bater’ or ‘teetar’ as some call it proced at Rs 100 for one portion, cooked in their special spices. The display, storage, handling is quite hygienic.

Another famous stall in this stretch is the Agra Hotel stall. This stall starts serving at 3pm and they have only about 25 items for iftar. The kadi gosh served here is quite a burst of flavors in your mouth. The chicken lollipop (Rs 15 per piece) here is quite famous, chicken cutlet (Rs 10 per piece) and kebabs on a stick (Rs 25 for 2 pieces) which were strictly average, chicken samosas (Rs 15).

Ramadan Mubarak to all of you!

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