Best Sizzlers in Pune
best sizzler in pune

The Sizzling Iconic Meal with The Best Sizzler In Pune

The Sizzler is known to be a delicious food with a variety of veggies and meat, smothered in cheese and serving done on “sizzling” warm platter.  The amazing flavour of the Indian-origin dish is the dreams of sizzler eateries. The charred pieces of veggies and meat stuffed with seafood is utterly yummy. Anyone could not think of something better other than the mouth-watering sizzlers. A piping sizzling meal will make you feel comfortable in cold days. The smoky flavour and sizzling sound coming off the hot platter seem to have an amazing feeling on you. So if you are crazy for sizzlers then check out the list of best sizzlers right there in Pune. Here are the top five best places to enjoy a sizzler :

Try Hot Things Up By The Best Sizzler In Pune!

Yana Sizzlers – Best Sizzlers in Pune

Yana sizzlers and Wok outlets located in Pune at Mariplex mall in Kalyani Nagar and FC road. This is one of the best places to try out sizzlers in the city. They belong to a huge section of non-veg and veg sizzlers at a moderate price along with sizzling brownies. Try out a combo in good ambiance which is money worthy. Their menu consists of special Jamaican-style and barbeque sizzler with splitting sauces which is sufficient to add water in the mouth. Cheese Mac’n, Lamb Shashlik, and chicken BBQ sizzlers will leave everyone full and merry. They provide pencils to the customers as they have a nice idea of solving puzzles inside the restaurant. You can end up your meal with sizzling pie on a sweet note. If you want to make a great experience with sizzlers then you must visit this place.

The Place- Touche The Sizzler – Best Sizzlers in Pune

It is one of the oldest legendary restaurants situated in Pune since 1971. In the city, this place is the godfather of delicious sizzlers. Various types of sizzlers around forty enlisted on their menu card. From seafood to steak and everything (paneer, poultry, pork, and veg) is serve in sizzlers. The exceptional thing that anyone won’t find in other places is Goan-speciality sizzlers:  Bachao and Cafreal (protein of one’s choice). Most of the sizzlers loaded with thin-cut chips of potato and veggies served with jeera or fried rice. The cheesy smokey flavour dish is no doubt a divine to all. One can lighten up his or her mood with the BBQ Chicken Sizzler with the beautiful ambiance. Peanut steak in sauce and Chicken Piri Piri Shashlik are the most recommended ones.  Chicken Water Buffalo and Fish Sizzlers are the common reason for crowding with rafters throughout the week. The menu consists of appetizers and tandoors apart from sizzlers. Sizzler lovers must visit this place at least once.

Zamu’s  Place – Best Sizzlers in Pune

For decades the sizzlers in Zamu’s  Place have been considered as a unique dish. They are especially known for sizzlers loaded with full of meat and it is edible by two people easily. The best part is your sizzler can also be curate by yourself. Their special sizzlers are also a kind of attraction to sizzler eaters. They provide special mix grill signature sizzlers (that is literally a mixing of various sorts of meats, including mutton and pork) brings added flavour to the dish. Another type of sizzler is steak sizzler, a tasty dish with an extra dose of cheese and ham, sandwich among beef steaks.  Zamu’s  Place also includes great Parsi food and starters along with sizzlers on their menu. The dip that one can get with these saucy sizzlers is just great. Everyone should experience his dine out in Zamu’s place with a beautiful ambiance. Visit here and grab sizzlers with good company.

The Bounty Sizzlers – Best Sizzlers in Pune

The Bounty Sizzlers located in Kalyani Nagar. It is another oldest haunt for sizzlers. Bounty sizzlers is a twin-floor small A/C restaurant serving the best tasty sizzlers in the city. They provide sizzlers in huge size, the saucy dish is mostly enjoyed by the big eaters. Pick up a sizzling feast from the buff steak to seafood, chicken or veg/paneer. And you can taste it by pairing with a chill beer more than one. The special menu concludes Chicken Cordon Blue and ‘steak special’ making this place amazing. These sizzlers are the long-time likings by the people of the city. Chinese cuisine, sandwich, soup, and burger are the additional items on their menu along with sizzlers. This place is an oldie but goodie as yet. Mixed Grill, Sizzling chicken in sauce and steak satellite is the best ones here. What people like most about Bounty is the conversion of regular size into a kid’s size sizzler which will be perfect for a hungry person to feed.

Indian and Chinese cuisine they do apart from sizzlers. Come and visit this well décor restaurant to enjoy the yummy sizzlers with great ambiance.

Chung FA – Best Sizzlers in Pune

Most Punekars are not aware of the array of Chinese sizzlers listed on the menu of this restaurant. Apart from the Chinese Sizzlers, their menu has regular starters, soups, and mains. But still, yet Chinese sizzlers are the yummy one. You can choose any type usually Hakka Noodles or rice garnished by sauce with an alternative of lamb meats prawn chicken or mixed. The sizzlers served with sautéed veggies with the thick-cut fries along the side on a sizzling hot platter. People love to visit this restaurant over again to feel the amazing sizzling with a wonderful ambiance.


The above-curated list will definitely provide you guidance straight to these amazing places which will surely give the options of hot mouth-watering sizzlers. These restaurants are of great choice for both non-vegetarians and vegetarians. All of these restaurants are worth visiting. Best varieties of tasty sizzlers are available here with a comfortable price and amazing environment. All of them bring authentic sizzling flavours making your taste-buds tantalize. Some of the best places to satisfy Sizzler’s cravings.Casual dining made with the loved ones to enjoy the scrumptious meals with hot Sizzlers.

Sizzlers are the patent food to have while being in Pune. The mouth-watering single-served dish comes with a plate full of delicious meat and vegetables. They are high in nutritional value and delectable at the same time. However, you want your sizzlers to be accompanied by sweet something. If you have ordered in a plate of hot sizzles, then you must also Order Cake Online in Pune. Cake delivery in Pune will reach to you even before you finish eating your sizzler. Finish your meal with a dessert and have a good night’s sleep. All thanks to Online Cake Delivery in Pune.

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