5 things you should consider for your anniversary celebration

Be it first, second or 50th anniversary, all of these are special days to reminisce the yesteryears and celebrate togetherness! Following are a few things you should consider while making your anniversary celebration plans.

  1. Exchange gifts: Many people simply avoid cliches, because they are cliches. But then imagine the expressions on your partner’s face when you get them something they have long been longing for as an anniversary gift. Of course, you can gift it to them any time of the year, but might as well make the special day more special. There’s absolutely no reason to refrain. Go back in your memory lane, recall what it was your partner really really would appreciate. Something that s/he was planning to buy or had it in the wishlist of online shopping sites but due to any reason the order was never placed. Sometimes that little gesture “ohhh remembered?!” is all you need to keep the charm going in the relationship. So yes, go ahead, find the best gift you think would please your partner the most and wrap it up pretty.
  2. Watch your favorite movie together: It’s not necessary that your choices of TV shows or movies match with your partner’s, but it’s not necessary either that none of you have a common favorite TV show or movie that you like. For ex. Star Wars marathon. That movie series was legendary. Don’t trust anyone who says otherwise. There might be movies that you both have enjoyed watching together over and over again. Why not for the sake of nostalgia dust off that CD and play it. Ohh and yes, you can also record a video of yourself with a special message and plug the footage inside of the movie video as a surprise. Who doesn’t like surprises right?
  3. View your wedding album: Popcorns, pictures and videos of your wedding go well together. No amount of reruns of your wedding album are ever boring. So get that snuggle face on.
  4. Invite your close family and friends: It’s your special day and obviously you want to share the happiness with your people who are close to your heart. If you are the ones who never had a reception or eloped this is the best opportunity for you to invite them if it’s your first wedding anniversary.
  5. Order a cake: What’s better than making a special day sweeter with a beautiful rosette cake? Put your names on the cake or a favorite poem or picture together. Or even pouring your heart out in a short message is a good idea. Who doesn’t like appreciated and loved? There are plenty of other ideas that you can try.
  6. The time to celebrate your love and bond has come. It is your anniversary and you want to make your special one feel loved and appreciated. Presting them with a valuable gift or jewellery, taking them out on a dinner date or planning a vacation is one of the few things that you can do to express your love. Or you can go old school by throwing them an anniversary party by ordering Online Cake Delivery in Pune. They would enjoy the surprise and it will make you content by seeing the smile on their face. You can also invite your friends and family and make them witness your celebration.

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