5 Creative and Unusual Cake Designs

If you have a sweet tooth your mouth will start as soon as we utter the word ‘Cakes’. Normally when we say Cake we imagine a traditional round, baked with typically icing in the shapes of flowers ribbons stars etc. Forget the traditional cakes design some quirky cakes and surprise your bestie on her birthday or your spouse on the anniversary. Here is a list of the quirkiest cakes we came across on the internet.

1. Surprise your spouse with this Edible Flower cake baked and decorated with actual flowers (the flowers are edible of course) on your anniversary.
2. Is your bestie a photographer? Yes then this camera cake is the best gift you can give her before she leaves on some important assignment.
3. The next one is for the one who loves “The Ice Age” series.
4. Planning a baby shower for your friend. This is the cutest cake you can order.
5. For the love of beer celebrate your buddy’s Bachelor Party with a Beer Cake.

We are sure after taking a look all these cakes you too want to customise a cake for your friend, spouse, mom or dad. Let us make your life easy by customising yummy and quirky cakes just for you at Just Cakes Pune

Good taste and a creative design are what make a cake unique.  When we think of a good cake, we think of it as light, spongy, sweet and fluffy, but it is so time engaging to find such a cake. But what if someone has this all prepared for you? Yes, Online Cake Delivery in Pune has everything ready and is just a click away. Order Cake Online in Pune and experience creative cakes which from florals to themes to laces and much more. They also come in incredible shapes, sizes and tastes. These cakes are such a unique combination!

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